Community Engagement/Advocacy

Seattle is one of the most diverse regions in the country. We are proud of our relationships with communities of color, public schools and nonprofit leaders. We’ll raise your company profile through community-specific, socially responsible outreach strategies tailored to reach your goals. We speak Spanish.

Here are some examples of our community projects:

Waterfront Seattle Project 

G3 has been actively conducting project outreach to communities of color all over Seattle for the Central Waterfront project since 2012. It is a campaign that educates the public and also offers various ways to get and stay involved in the project. We work to coordinate and facilitate various outreach efforts through community civic events and meetings, ethnic media strategy and assisting in the preparation of materials relevant to the project.  

Helped Pass Clean Fuel Legislation in 2021

G3 & Associates educated and engaged leaders from communities of color to actively support HB 1091, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The legislation passed and is law. G3 provided information, talking points and contacts to leaders who called, wrote emails, and testified in support of the legislation. People of color tend to live closer to traffic congestion and disproportionately suffer the health impacts of transportation fuels in the environment. 


Sound Transit: System Expansion Communications & Customer Outreach Consulting Services  

As Sound Transit begins to deliver an historic $54 billion voter- approved Sound Transit 3 (ST3) system plan, connecting millions of people across our Puget Sound Region, in 2018, G3 will provide various ways to engage the public and provide outreach strategies to support the system expansion. 


Madison Street Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)  

Madison BRT is an SDOT project that will improve overall mobility in a dense and rapidly developing corridor that spans in the diverse neighborhood districts from Center City to First Hill, Capitol Hill, the Central Area and Madison Valley. In 2016, G3 was brought on to the project to support the overall community outreach strategy with a particular focus of outreach to the Capitol Hill/Central Area District.  


Rapid Ride Expansion Projects 

Since 2017, G3 has provided support in outreach activities for the Delridge H Line, Roosevelt and Rainier corridors of the overall Rapid Ride Expansion project for SDOT. We help develop the strategic outreach plan, support the development and execution of the IOPE plan, draft and review material and web content, conduct stakeholder briefings and public pop-up engagement activities.   


On-Call Paving Program Outreach and Communications

G3 provided outreach activities on the 4th Ave and Georgetown paving projects for SDOT starting in 2017. That included the preparation and implementation of a public involvement plan, stakeholder briefings, pre-construction business surveys, development of project materials and door-to-door outreach. 


Casa Latina  

Casa Latina was successfully able to locate its new offices on Jackson Street in 2009 and have maintained a great relationship with its neighbors.  


Seattle Parks Department 

In 2006-2007, and 2012, G3 conducted outreach to refugee and immigrant communities for the Parks department to help then access how they could enhance their relationship with immigrant and refugee communities and more readily meet their needs. We provided the Parks Department a list of recommendations, some of which they have implemented.   



Starting in 2004 we worked with Comcast, largest cable operator and the largest home Internet service provider in the U.S., for 8 years developing key relationships with non-profit and community organizations throughout Washington and implementation of the Internet Essentials Program that provides low cost internet service to low-income households.